AWS IAM Overview

Over at the AWS Training center they provide a set of tutorials, which in some cases are free. I recently registered to and watched the IAM tutorial Authentication and Authorization with AWS Identity and Access Management.

In an attempt to capture some of the detail for future reference and learning I have provided the following synopsis:


  • Represent permanent accounts for a user
  • Will remain in place until a forced rotation: e.g. a change to the user name, password, Access Key …
  • Provides authentication for named users in the system


  • A collection of users
  • Users can belong to many groups (i.e. Many-to-Many association)


  • Roles are not permissions!!!
  • A role is an Operator. This could be human or machine
  • A role provides an Authentication Method
  • Roles are Temporary!

Policy Doc:

  • This is the Authorization process
  • Policy Docs attach to any of:
    • Permanent User
    • Group APIs
    • Role
  • The Policy Doc performs validation against those credentials to ensure the User, Role, Group exist
  • All API actions are checked against the Policy Docs to see if the action is allowed to proceed

Additional points to note:

  • In AWS everything is an API
  • Every API action is recorded in Cloud Trail. This includes successes or failures. For example if a user attempts to stop a running image with revoked credentials this will be recorded
  • System Admin’s can remove / disable Policy Docs across all Users, Groups, Roles in the event of compromised credentials being used to perform an attack against your systems


What impressed me was the way that the content was delivered in this tutorial. The course presenter Blaine Sundrud working against a dark backdrop to provide an overview from the reverse angle of the viewer. You can find more free online AWS developer tutorials here.

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